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Know–How – laser marking of goods through transparent film.

Current requirements to industrial marking whether it is clear and lasting marking or protecting from falsification, make the consumers turn to exercise laser marking systems. Their principle of work is based on the physical change of product surface, namely burning out the upper layer of the product’s surface with laser beam.

Marking machines Fast Line, having the basic characteristics of standards laser marking systems used in different industries, possess at least one unique feature- the ability to print any information on the product through the transparent film. This peculiarity is provided by the length of laser wave of Fast Line – 1,06 micron. Due to the usage of such technology the marking can be done on any colored or double layer product through the transparent sheet without damaging it and keeping the air tightness, if needed. This unique ability of laser marking system Fast Line corresponds not only with the principle of on-line marking applicable in Europe, but can sufficiently simplify the production process. There is no need to mark the products before final packaging, which except the decrease of costs leads to double protection of the marked goods from falsification.

The examples of this function’s application can be well presented in tobacco and food industry.

The tobacco industry is not only the quality of tobacco, but the notoriety of the brand, as well as beauty and attractiveness of the packaging. Laser marker Fast Line allows to mark ready to sell product, preserving the sheet packaging. Fast Lines marks the product fast, clear and with the highest quality, while the variety of fonts and graphics help to substitute and improve the design.

Some of the tea industries mark the packaging before the filling, and only after cover it with transparent film. This system sufficiently increases the time and value costs. Using the Fast Line markers one could optimize the production, because the ready to sell product will be marked.